About Us

Our Guiding Principles

Everyone who works at Prometheus is focused on a common goal; to exceed the expectations of the organisations we work with and set new standards for the industry. It was the reason the company was founded in 2014 and remains our driving force today.

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Our Values

Here at Prometheus our core values underpin everything we do; Professional, Approachable, Caring and Compassionate.

At Prometheus, we work in partnership with NHS Trusts, CCGs and private hospitals and strive to deliver their same high quality of care to patients.

We always put the needs of the patient first, taking time to understand their specific circumstances and needs. Every booking goes through a careful process to select the right team for the individuals in our care.

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“Communication between the Prometheus team transporting patients and our Trust is excellent A professional and effective service.”

Bed Manager, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust