Secure Patient Transfer

24/7 Transportation Services for NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals

Prometheus Safe & Secure are trusted by NHS Trust partners and private hospitals alike to provide reliable, secure patient transportation services – 24/7.  

Our approach is centred on patient care and compassion, while also delivering the fastest local response times in the industry; no extended waiting times, no distractions, and no unnecessary complications.  

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Secure Patient Transfer

On hand for a fast and professional response for your secure patient transfer needs.

Prometheus offers a bespoke service, expertly coordinated by our dedicated team of logistic managers. 

We take every patient’s individual needs and circumstances into consideration, completing a thorough risk assessment before assigning a team of care specialists with the right blend of skills and experience to make every patient feel reassured during transportation. 

Our team of care and transport specialists boasts many long-serving members of staff, who establish close working relationships with our NHS partners to become an extension of their teams and deliver smooth transportation, no matter the destination. 

For patients our care team members build rapport and provide a familiar face, which helps to form trust and can ease patients during times when they would otherwise feel unsettled or vulnerable. 

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